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Название Ivan Evseev
Год основания / Стаж работы 2015
Контактное лицо RAOS Project OY
Телефон ivan.evseev@rosatom.fi
Эл.почта ivan.evseev@rosatom.fi
Название вакансии Full-Time Translator
Зарплата от €2,000.00 в месяц

Описание вакансии

RAOS Project OY, Division of the State Corporation Rosatom is searching a team for participation in the International Construction Project of the Hanhikivi NPP in Finland. Full-Time Translator The Full Time (Russian/English) Translator is responsible for converting documents from one language into another. The goal of a translator is to have people understand the translation as if it were in the original language. Translators must be fluent in both languages. Job Duties: Convert written concepts in the source language to equivalent concepts in the target language Compile information into glossaries and terminology databases to be used in translations Speak, read and write fluently in both English and Russian Relay the style, tone and original meaning of the original document Properly transmit any cultural references, including slang and other expressions that do not translate literally Manage work schedules to meet deadlines in order to submit assignments electronically and in a timely manner Perform all other duties and special projects as assigned by the supervisor Job Qualifications: Bachelor's degree C1 level (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) in English command or equivalent level/degree Excellent writing, computer and telephone skills in both English and Russian Detail-oriented, strong organizational, communication and interpersonal skills Proficient in computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools Proficient in nuclear and relevant industry terminology Previous work experience in nuclear, engineering, construction projects or project management Interested? Please send your CV, cover letter with a salary request and recommendation referees. Mention the job title in the subject field to the following e-mail: ivan.evseev@rosatom.fi


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